Hot Cocoa Colouring Challenge


Have fun this winter together! Play, Talk, Read and Sing for a chance to win!


Download the Coloring Challenge sheet [PDF] or pick one up at your nearest library branch

Colour each mug after you complete the activity.

When you have coloured all the mugs, you can enter a draw to win a prize.


To enter the contest (2 options)

1. Email a photo of your completed Hot Cocoa Challenge to Include your name, age, phone number and the Gift Card you hope to win.


2. Drop off your Hot Cocoa Challenge page in the bookdrop of your local library branch. It will not be returned to you. Make sure your information is clearly written and include the Gift Card you hope to win.



  1. Best Buy Gift Card ($50, $25)
  2. Indigo Chapters Gift Card ($50, $25) 


Deadline to enter is Wednesday, March 31, 2021. 

Winners will be announced Tuesday, April 13, 2021