Ozobot Evo Starter


Using the Ozobot Evo Starter Kit

Learn and play with a small programable robot (beep, boop!). Ozobot Evo builds an understanding of coding concepts while also being creative, easy-to-learn, and fun for all levels. It can be coded by drawing lines on paper or through a programming system. Recommended for ages 5 and up. 

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Books about coding and robotics at the ORL

Here are some book ideas to help you explore coding.

Getting Started

Charging the Ozobot Evo

  1. Evo comes partially charged. Get a full charge for maximum playtime.
  2. Plug the USB Cable into the Evo’s Micro USB Port.
  3. Plug the other end of the USB cable into any USB port or power adaptor.
  4. Evo’s lights turn solid green when fully charged.
  5. When a red light flashes on Evo’s back side, it is time to charge again.

Power On/Off

  1. Press and quickly release Evo’s power button to turn on.
  2. Evo will light up and begin interacting with you right away.
  3. Move through the 4 modes – explore, create, connect and program – to experience everything Evo can do.
  4. Press and quickly release the power button again to turn off.


  1. Place the Ozobot Evo here
  2. Press and hold Evo’s power button for 2 seconds until top light blinks white. Then, release power button.
  3. Evo spins and blinks green when calibrated. If Evo blinks red, start over from Step 1.


Two Ways to Code

Screen-Free with Color Codes

Draw lines and Color Codes with markers, and your bots follow along and execute your commands Learn how to get started.

Online with the OzoBlockly Editor

You will need a computer or smart device. OzoBlockly gives you the power to fully control your Ozobot’s movement and behavior. Drag and drop blocks of code together to program your bot at Ozoblockly.


Expert Zone

Want a more advanced experience? Download a free Evo app to use with the Ozobot on your tablet, follow these links:

For Apple iOS iPads

For Android tablets


Additional Resources

Ozobot Training Videos: Helpful videos on how to use Evo.

Introducing Ozobots: An excellent video covering Ozobot’s basic features and operations.

Ozobot’s Youtube Channel

OzoBlockly: Create a series of commands, or program, and make Ozobot follow them.

Ozobot Color Codes: Start coding screen-free with Color Codes.

At Home Activities for Ozobot Evo

Ozobot Challenges: Coding and computer science challenges for learning with bots or without!




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Lending Policy

  • This kit can be borrowed for 4 weeks.
  • 1 renewal if no one else is waiting for the item. 
  • The borrower is responsible for lost, missing, and damaged pieces (see content list with prices included with kit).
  • Return the kit to a staff member at the front desk of your nearest ORL location. Do not use the book drop or leave them outside the library. ·
  • BC One Card patrons: Library of Things kits must be checked out and returned to one of the Okanagan Regional Library branches.