Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitor

Aranet4 sensor used to measure CO2.

Using the Carbon Dioxide Monitor Kit

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Note: These devices are not carbon monoxide detectors and are not life safety devices. 

The Aranet4 sensor is an innovative air quality monitor that measures carbon dioxide (CO2) level, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. The device is suitable for monitoring the CO2 level at home, in school, office, or any other indoor environment to give an indication of how well-ventilated it is. Knowing the CO2 level can help you identify if you need to take steps to improve ventilation or remove pollutants to improve indoor air quality to lower the risk of airborne infections. Poor ventilation has also been shown to cause other general symptoms such as tiredness and headaches.

The Aranet4 CO2 Monitor Lending Program at the Okanagan Regional Library is generously supported by Community Access to Ventilation Information (CAVI)

About the Kit

  • Aranet4 sensor (includes 2 AA batteries) 
  • 2 spare AA batteries  
  • Aranet4 Quick Start Guide 
  • Switch Pin Tool   
  • 1 ORL booklet 

How to Use the Aranet4 Sensor 

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Lending Policy

  • Each Carbon Dioxide Monitor Kit can be borrowed for 2 weeks.
  • 1 renewal if no one else is waiting for the item. 
  • The borrower is responsible for lost, missing, and damaged pieces.
  • Return the kit to a staff member at the front desk of your nearest ORL location. Do not use the book drop or leave them outside the library. 
  • BC One Card patrons: Carbon Dioxide Monitor Kits must be checked out and returned to one of the Okanagan Regional Library branches.