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Build your critical analysis and digital media literacy skills with Kermode Education!

Kermode Education is a browser app that analyzes web pages to help you learn how identify if the information on the page is accurate and trustworthy.

Here is how it works! 

1) Log in to the Kermode App

Go to Kermode Education. Type in the first 5 digits of your library card barcode number in the Enter your license key here box and select Login


2) Copy and paste the website address into Kermode

Next, copy the address for the webpage you want to evaluate and paste it into Website URL box and select Analyze.


3) View Kermode's analysis of the page

Kermode checks the webpage for accuracy, bias, and timeliness of its content and then displays graphics, questions, and explanations that will help you decide whether the page is a good source of information or not.


4) Think about the content of the webpage

Kermode provides questions that will help you to think more carefully about the webpage content. 

Need Further Help?

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