CodeCombat logo, adventurer holds a jungle vine and look at a display of gems.

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Start your coding adventure with CodeCombat! Learn Python, JavaScript, or C++, while you play through a fantasy game. Recommended for ages 9 and up.

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The Great Courses Series is part of our Kanopy Streaming Films collection. You can watch lectures on business, history from the ancient world to modern times, physics and math, creative pursuits or hobbies. Watching a lecture series will use 5 tickets. 

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Logo links to the Kermode Education login and access page

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Kermode Education is a browser app that analyzes web pages to help you learn how identify if the information on the page is accurate and trustworthy. When logging in, enter the first 5 digits of your library card barcode number as the license key.

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Logo links to the ORL's LinkedIn Learning log in page

Go to LinkedIn Learning for Libraries

LinkedIn Learning for Libraries is your source for online learning. ORL members have access to thousands of video tutorials covering topics such as business, project management, popular software, and much more. Courses are taught by industry experts. Learn something new today! (Chrome or Firefox browser recommended). 

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Go to Rosetta Stone

Learn a new language today!  With Rosetta Stone, you can get instruction for 30 different languages. Learn Spanish, German, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese and more.

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