For Book Clubs

The library can help you with running your own book club! We have Book Club Kits you can borrow, and we can help you find awesome books to read.

Borrow a Book Club Kit

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Book Club Kits FAQs

What is a Book Club Kit?

A Book Club Kit is made of 6 to 8 copies of a book stored in a plastic tote.

Who can borrow Book Club Kits?

If you have a library card, you can borrow a Book Club Kit! The person who borrows the Kit is responsible for bringing the complete Kit (tote and all books) to the library by the due date.

How long can I borrow a Book Club Kit?

You can borrow a Book Club Kit for 42 days. Sorry, you can't keep it longer or renew it.

Where do I return the Kit?

When you're done with the Book Club Kit, return it to a library worker at the front desk of your local library. You must return everything together in the box. If there are missing or damaged books, you might have to pay for them.

Where can I get a Book Club Kit?

Place a hold on a Book Club Kit on our online catalogue or ask library staff for help.

Because these Kits are popular, it might take some time to get the Kit you want. We suggest that you put a hold on a Kit well ahead of your next meeting, then pause the hold until a date closer to the month you need it.

TIP: There is no limit to the number of Kits that can be borrowed by one person at any one time.  Some book clubs find it useful to plan on two Kits per month to increase the chance that a Kit will arrive on time.

How are the books for the Kit chosen?

Librarians choose the books for the Kits based on if they would be good to talk about, have important ideas, and if they are culturally impactful. If you have suggestions for books, please share them with staff at your library.

More Questions? Ask your local library branch for help.


Book Club Support

See what the library can do for your club:

  • Ask your library how many copies of the book your club wants to read are in the collection.
  • Check to see if there is a Book Club Kit for the book or ask library staff to help.
  • Library staff can help you with placing your holds.
  • Library staff can also help you pick good books, find questions to talk about, learn about the author, and the historical background for the book.

Join a Book Club to see what it is all about

Check our calendar and see if your library is running a book club or join one of our online book clubs.


Tips for Running a Book Club

What Should You Read?

Choose books that will make your group talk and think. Things to look for:

  • Award winners.
  • Good reviews.
  • Classic books that are well-known.
  • Canadian authors.
  • Books about important or tough topics.
  • Different kinds of books like graphic novels, science fiction, and magical realism, or nonfiction.

Role of a Book Club Leader

A book club leads helps things go smoothly. You can take turns being the leader. Without a leader, book clubs can become just social gatherings and people might not talk about the book.

To have a great book club discussion, leaders should:

  • Send an email about a week before the meeting with things like articles, interviews, or videos related to the book. This can help start discussions.
  • Before the meeting, think of questions about the book, you can find questions on the internet, too. Choose parts of the book to read out loud and discuss.
  • During the meeting, keep everyone focused on the book. If the conversation slows down, ask more questions.
  • Pay attention to who talks a lot and who is quiet. Make sure everyone gets a chance to share their thoughts.

Remember, the goal is to have fun together while talking about books. Enjoy your book club meetings!

Useful Websites

These websites can help you find good discussion questions for your book club and help you make your next book club choice.

  • NoveList:
    Log in using your library card and PIN and search through thousands of popular fiction. You can find authors or books like the ones you enjoyed, reading lists, and guides for talking about books.
  • Reading Group Choices:
    Search for books by their title, author, or what they're about. You'll find summaries, info about authors, and ideas to start conversations in book clubs.
  • Reading Group Guides:
    This website has guides for many books that are great for book clubs.