Future Planning

This is the Okanagan Regional Library’s first Accessibility Plan, and we look forward to working on these focus areas, working collaboratively with community partners, and responding to feedback and including more specific details in future accessibility plans. 

Our Accessibility & Inclusion Advisory Committee will be refocused in the last quarter of 2023 to assist with feedback, review our progress annually, and as we head to 2026, helping us create our next plan. 

We will be creating a monitoring and evaluation plan that will track work completed, feedback and responses, impact our plan has had on accessibility, and recommendations to improvement. 

We expect to be continuously learning and evolving our approach to accessibility. 

The ORL is committed to being an inclusive and accessible resource for everyone. By implementing these measures and learning from the lived experiences of our community, we will work to create a library that is open, welcoming, and responsive to the diverse needs of all individuals.