Registering Your Library Card and Choosing a Username

First time using the catalogue? You will be asked to set up a MY ORL account. Follow these steps!

Register your library card


Select Log in/My ORL in the upper right corner

Select Log in/Register.

Enter your library card barcode number (all 14 digits) and PIN code. 

Confirm your email address and birthday.

  • Is your birthday incorrect?  If not, get it corrected next time you are in the library.  
  • A default birthday of January 1900 is used if you hadn’t provided one when you got your library card. A birth date is required only to identify anyone 13 years or under, as different privacy rules apply to our youngest customers.  
  • The email address is used to reset your PIN if you ever forget it. After registering, you will get an email asking you to verify the email address provided.   
  • Don’t want to provide an email address? You don’t have to!


Create a username


  • can be up to 24 characters long,
  • can use letters, numbers, and underscores
  • cannot be all numbers 


You’ll want to create a username that doesn’t personally identify you (e.g., don’t use a name, birthday, or your address). Your username is displayed when  

  • leaving comments and reviews
  • rating books, movies, and music albums
  • sharing recommendation lists with other library members, and more!


Please note that..

  • the Catalogue is used by libraries all over the world, so the username you want may already be taken. 
  • if you created a username in the Former Catalogue, it may not be able to be used in this Catalogue if it is in use by someone from another library system.


Here are some tips for creating a unique username. Try combining...

  • your favourite colour and animal (tealdeer),
  • or  your favourite season and number (autumn78),
  • or create a short phrase (3plumsinaboat)



Completing your registration and setting your preferences

Agree to the terms and services. 

Click Complete Account Setup to finish registration!

After you have registered, you will be brought to the Welcome to your New Catalogue screen, where you will finish of with some final options: 

Click the Enable Borrowing History button if you want to keep track of what you’ve checked out from the library. Your Borrowing History will always be kept private to you.

Set your preferred library branches to pick up your requested items. Setting your preferred branches will also highlight the items that are available at that library branch when you are searching the catalogue.

Click the All Done? button when you are finished and start exploring the catalogue! 

Make your first stop the My Settings section of your account, where you can review and manage your privacy settings.

Learn how to Review My Settings and My Profile options.