Discover Dewey Part 2

Five stacks of books in set up like a staircase, a kid stands on the tallest stack while another kids sits on the shortest stack.

Discover Dewey: Part 2! 

For: For kids, ages 5 to 12.

When: March to May 11.

How to participate

Pick up a Discover Dewey Tracker at your nearest library location.

Explore the last 5 subject groups of the Dewey Decimal System. Tell us what you read or a cool fact you learned for a chance to win a prize.


$35 Gift Card to Indigo!

How to enter the prize draw

Bring your finished Tracker to your local library and give it to staff. 


Email a photo of your completed Tracker to Include your name, age, and phone number.

Entries must be received by Saturday, May 11.

Winners will be notified Tuesday, May 28.

Discover Dewey Reading Lists

Discover Dewey 500-599: This group includes astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics.

Discover Dewey 600-699:  This group includes agriculture, construction, engineering, and health.

Discover Dewey 700-799: This group includes architecture, music, photography and painting.

Discover Dewey 800-899: This group includes humour, letters, poetry and speeches.

Discover Dewey 900-999: This group includes biography, genealogy, history and travel.