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Introducing PressReader - Free Online Newspaper and Magazines!

by Chantelle McGee | May 15, 2016

Your online experience with the ORL just keeps getting better with the addition of “PressReader”, the world’s largest online newspaper and magazine kiosk. ORL members now have free access to full content digital replicas of more than 4,000 publications from all over the world, such as the Globe and Mail, the Washington Post, and the Daily Mail.

“PressReader is very easy to use and comes jam-packed with features for getting the most out of your experience, such as keyword searching, article translation options for several languages, and options for listening to articles,” says Chantelle McGee, the ORL’s Virtual Branch Head.

To get started, simply visit the to get complete information on using the new service. ORL members will be asked to sign in with their library barcode and PIN/passcode to view the PressReader collection.

Also, ORL branches are “hotspots” for PressReader, meaning that it can be accessed on the library’s computer terminals or on mobile devices connected to the ORL’s Wi-Fi without entering a barcode.

“This will be very handy for visitors to our region who want to get news from home,” adds McGee.