Okanagan Lake Haiku

Quill pen

This summer the Okanagan Regional Library asked the community to send us haiku about Okanagan Lake.  We received numerous submissions that celebrate Okanagan Lake and the lives we lead living adjacent to this magnificent body of water. And we sincerely thank all of those who sent us a haiku.

 Read the submissions below or download the collection in your preferred format: PDF or EPUB.



floating on slow waves

warm shades of sunset above

a heron watches



a sudden gust hits

race to batten down the hatch

the mooring line snaps


Suzanne Aubin


Surface sun sparkles

Ominous churning beneath

Pizza on the beach




Jumping off the dock

Paddleboarding on the lake

Are there sharks below?


Isabelle, 8.


The lake plays the blues

Those old fashion southern blues

Oh, Bluewater, play on


Waves lap, pebbles tease

Happy feet are surrounded

Warm sunshine awaits


Today it is blue

Not green nor clear or light brown

Blue, true as your eyes


A jungle of greens

Browns are flowing in between

Water is the canvas


Grant Stovel


Valley of water

Quenching my thirst and my soul

Okanagan peace


Deep, clear, refreshing

Calm, raging, life giving source

Of our valley home.


Myrna Leader


On Okanagan Lake

Oar dips kayak skims water

Ripples race to shore


Floating on water

Deep within the depths reflects

Starry sky above


Down deep in the depths

where all silent dark surrounds

lurks a monstrous tail


Linda Kayfish, July 2020


Hey! Ogopogo!

My swim crosses your deep lair.

We both love cold lakes.


Richard Kicksee


Shimmering water

Catching endless drops of sun

Warming the darkness


"I'll rest here,"- The Lake

"Seek me in drought and despair,

I'll water you, child."


Leah Robertson


1. Glazed /s

Ancient deep water

Boat fuel and suntan-oil glazed

Wind and rain bring calm


2. Beauty

Reflection distorts

Rhythmic surface disturbance 

Dance of wind and waves


3. Calm

Early morning still

Tranquil mirror revealing

Mysteries of peace


Owen Goward, West Kelowna, BC


Look! I see something!

Rippling wake after nothing?

Ogogopo’s there!


Shawn Bird


Childhood memories


A drop of water

The reflection of grandma

I will not forget


Swimming I find peace

From the storm inside my heart

I yearn for her hugs


To relive what was

In heaven she sits ashore

The Okanagan


Brooke Hovey


The Green Serpent Swims

A Freshwater Fjord Folklore

Our Ogopogo


The Okanagan 

Vernon North Penticton South

Meet me at the Lake


Hailey Sadler


Okanagan Lake

seven years old sitting on

Ogopogo's head


Diana Joy



Lake of mystery

your shores windswept, inviting

my boat carves deeply



Bobbing joyously…

ominous clouds brought by wind –

treacherous waves strike



Oh wondrous water

upon which eyes dream to feast

reveal your beauty


Jenn Barrett, Summerland BC


Black water wild moon

Shimmering waves of amber

Gold sails in the night


Peter Critchley