Friends TV Show Trivia


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Round 1

Category: The Main Cast

1.What Friend admitted to having very small feet for an adult?

A. Ross
B. Rachel
C. Joey
D. Chandler


2. What Friend stars in “Analyze This” with Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal?

A. Lisa Kudrow
B. Jennifer Aniston
C. Courteney Cox
D. Matt le Blanc


3.  Which Friend has a fear of swings?

A. Monica
B. Rachel
C. Ross
D. Chandler


4. Which two Friends sang “Endless Love” together?

A. Ross & Rachel
B. Monica & Chandler
C. Joey & Ross
D. Phoebe & Chandler


5. Which Friend has been married the most amount of time?

A. Phoebe
B. Joey
C. Ross
D. Rachel


6. What two Friends get together in London?

A. Ross & Rachel
B. Rachel & Joey
C. Joey & Monica
D. Chandler & Monica


7. Which Friend got hit by a tranquilizer dart?

A. Chandler
B. Rachel
C. Phoebe
D. Joey


8. Which Friend is revealed to be Monica’s first kiss?

  1. Ross
  2. Chandler
  3. Joey
  4. Rachel


9. Which Friend had an on and off addiction to smoking?

A. Monica
B. Rachel
C. Ross
D. Chandler


10. Which Friend directed the “Since You’ve Been gone episode”

A. Matt le Blanc
B. David Schwimmer
C. Lisa Kudrow
D. Matthew Perry


Round 2

Category: Obscure Friends Knowledge

1.Actually, that sounds interesting. I think you should drink the ____.

A. Cider
B. Breast Milk
C. Lemon Juice
D. Fat

Hint: Rachel is speaking to Ross.


2. Which is the episode where Joey gets the role of Dr. Drake Ramoray for the first time?

A. The One with Russ
B. The One with Phoebe’s Dad
C. The One where Ross and Rachel… You know
D. The One with the Lesbian wedding

Hint: Fun Bobby also makes an appearance in this episode.


3. Who or what did Monica say broke her parent’s porch swing?

A. An act of God
B. The neighbour’s kids
C. Hurricane Gloria
D. Ross

Hint: Ross reveals the truth to their parents to deflect away from himself.


4. What is Joey’s PIN number to his bank card?

A. 1234
B. 5639
C. 8675
D. 5369

Hint: The numbers spell out Joey


5. When Chandler buys a rare book for Kathy for her birthday, Phoebe suggests that Joey should buy her something better. What does she suggest?

A. A crossbow
B. A guitar
C. An axe
D. A bunny

Hint:  Phoebe say Chandler’s book is a boring gift.


6. Inspired by Chandler’s mum, Rachel begins to write her own erotic novel. What was the title of this novel?

A. She’s Come Undone
B. The Green Room
C. Rachel’s secret
D. A Woman Undone

Hint: According to Mrs. Bing anyone can do it!


7. Who is Paul?

A. The Weeper
B. Joey’s identical hand twin
C. The I win guy
D. The wine guy

Hint: He is only seen in the pilot episode.


8. Which one of these lived in Phoebe’s dollhouse?

A. Smelly cat
B. Lollipop people
C. Foster Puppets
D. Phoebe’s mom

Hint: Monica does not approve of Phoebe’s dollhouse.


9. ‘Maybe it’ll refresh your memory if you guys play a little ____ ______.’

A. Kindred spirits
B. Roller coaster
C. Binding unitard
D. Emotional knapsack

Hint:  Joey says this line.


10. When Phoebe agrees to have Frank Jr’s babies, how many embryos does Frank suggest the doctors implant in Phoebe?

A. 25
B. 200
C. 1
D. 100

Hint: The doctor only implants 5.


Round 3

Category: Supporting Cast


1.Which of the following choices is the first episode that we hear James Michael Tyler’s character, Gunther speak any lines?

A. The One where Ross finds out
B. The One with the List
C. To Where Nana Dies Twice
D. The Once With Phoebe’s Dad


2. What is the name of Joey’s sister who punched Chandler?

A. Cookie
B. Gina
C. Veronica
D. Dina


3. Who lives below Joey and Chandler’s apartment?

A. Mr. Heckles
B. Ugly naked guy
C. Mrs. Chatracus
D. Mr. Treeger


4. What is Ursula Buffay’s middle name?

A. Pamela
B. Phoebe
C. Pim
D. Patricia


5. When Elizabeth (Ross' student girlfriend) goes to Florida for Spring Break, what is the SPF on her sunscreen?

A. 15
B. 30
C. 45
D. 50


6. Whose picture did Phoebe's grandmother show her telling that he was her grandfather?

A. Colonel Sanders
B. James Earl Jones
C. Albert Einstein
D. Winston Churchill


7. What did Joey name his giant white porcelain dog?

A. Pat
B. Buddy
C. Chandler
D. Lady


8. What does Chandler's co-worker, Bob, think Chandler's name is?

A. New Guy
B. John
C. Barney
D. Toby


9. What was the name of the bald-headed girl who Ross dumps for Rachel at the beach?

A. Bonnie
B. Jasmin
C. Mona
D. Elizabeth


10. Where were Ross and Emily supposed to go for their honeymoon?

A. Tokyo
B. Athens
C. Paris
D. Vegas


The Final Question

How many cushions are there on the coffee house sofa in season 1?



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