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Share Your Animal Stories

by Library Staff | Jun 03, 2020

Our pets are a big part of our family. The new normal of being at home has disrupted our pets' lives and routines.  Kids, we want to hear a story about your pet. 

Share a story about your pet

  • Refer to your pet as your classmate and share a funny story about something they have done during your time at home together.
  • If you don’t have a pet of your own you can describe a family or friend’s pet, or even an animal that you have seen out in the wild! 
  • Fill out the pet profile to share your pet’s details. 
  • Include a Picture of Your Classmate if you can.

Email your story and picture to Or use #LibraryfromHome to show us your pet stories!

Example for personal pet

Today, while I was in a ZOOM meeting my classmate decided to walk across my lap multiple times. I kept moving him off my lap but he would just start meowing at me very loudly, to the point that I couldn’t concentrate on my meeting. I finally had to excuse myself from the meeting for a moment to give my classmate a treat so I could go back to my meeting in peace. 


Example of animal in the wild

While on a nature walk my classmate kept running around frantically every time they saw a human go by. I even saw my classmate stuff an acorn into his mouth and scurry up a tree. 


What to put in your profile

Sleeping cat

One of many examples of his awkward sleeping positions. 

  • Profile: My classmate
  • Name: Optimus Prime 
  • Nickname: Prime
  • Breed: Tabby cat 
  • Age: 12
  • Brief bio: He loves to sleep in the sun and is very talkative – too talkative sometimes, especially when he wants treats or to be petted. I often find him sleeping in very unusual positions and wonder how he can possibly be comfortable in some of them.