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Okanagan Regional Library Introduces Vision Tech Kits to Library of Things Collection

by ORL Marketing | Dec 01, 2023

Kelowna, BC — December 1st, 2023: Okanagan Regional Library proudly announces the launch of Vision Tech Kits, the latest addition to its Library of Things collection. These kits provide an immersive experience into the world of those with limited vision, making them accessible to patrons of all ages.

Danielle Hubbard, CEO of Okanagan Regional Library, commented, “Our Vision Tech Kits open a window into different visual experiences. They are part of our ongoing effort to create an inclusive and empathetic community through shared knowledge and understanding.”

Key Features of the Vision Tech Kits:

  • Colourblind Lenses: Offering a chance to experience the world with red/green colour blindness, these lenses are a unique tool for those curious about colourblindness or considering purchasing their own pair.
  • C-PEN ReaderPen: This device transforms printed text into audible speech, aiding individuals with vision impairment, dyslexia, or those learning English.
    Guide Dog Stuffed Animal: Paired with informative tips, this toy educates about the role and etiquette around working guide dogs.
  • Magnifiers: The kit includes two types of magnifiers, providing a hands-on opportunity to find the best fit for individual needs.
  • Educational Books: A curated collection of books in the kit offer insights into the experiences of those with limited vision, promoting understanding through storytelling.

The Vision Tech Kits are now available for loan. To learn more about borrowing, please visit our website or contact your local branch.

About Okanagan Regional Library: 

Okanagan Regional Library is committed to enriching community life through diverse, inclusive, and educational initiatives. The Library of Things is a testament to this commitment, offering a range of unique resources for learning and exploration.