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This Fall, Lynda.com will be changing to LinkedIn Learning

by ORL Marketing | Aug 23, 2019

Update: Lynda.com’s move to Linkedin Learning, which had been planned for September 25, is delayed until further notice.

(Updated September 23, 2019)

Original Story: 

Lynda.com is the library’s source for video courses about business, project management, and popular software, and more.

On September 25, Lynda.com will be changing – with a new site and a new name, LinkedIn Learning.

On the new site, you will find all of the great video courses you have come to love and more, with double the number of courses (over 14,000 in the collection). You will also be able to find video courses in 6 additional languages, beyond English. 


What you can expect


On September 25, you can expect up to 18 hours where Lynda.com will be unavailable while the move to LinkedIn Learning takes place.

We will have the exact times of unavailability closer to Lynda.com’s moving day.


New Sign In Method

After September 25, there will be a new sign in method on the LinkedIn Learning site. You will be asked to sign in with your library card barcode number and PIN code – just like for Lynda.com.

You will also be asked to create a LinkedIn account to be able to access the video courses.  

For your LinkedIn account, you will need to supply only a name, email address, and agree to LinkedIn’s privacy policy and user agreement

If you already have a LinkedIn account, you will be able to use that to log in to LinkedIn Learning, then enter your library card number and PIN when prompted.

We will have instructions to help you through the new sign in process closer to the moving day.

Don’t want a LinkedIn Account?

After the moving day, you will not be able to continue to view Lynda.com video courses or access any certificates you have completed, unless you log in with a LinkedIn Account.

Prior to September 25, log in to Lynda to download and save any completed certificates.


We welcome your feedback about the move to LinkedIn Learning - Contact us if you have any questions.