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Okanagan Regional Library Board Approves 2022 Financial Statements, Annual Report, and Announces Exciting Developments for Lumby Branch

by ORL Marketing | May 25, 2023

The Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) held its quarterly Board meeting on May 17, 2023, where key developments and updates were shared. The board approved ORL’s 2022 financial statements, giving the green light for the continued growth and expansion of the library system. Additionally, the board approved the annual report, highlighting ORL's achievements and impact on the community in 2022.

The most exciting news from the meeting involved the Lumby branch of ORL. The board announced that the branch would move into a new purpose-built location along the main street of Lumby, offering patrons a modern, accessible, and welcoming space for all to enjoy. The new location is expected to provide a broader range of services, resources, and programs, further solidifying the library's role as a cornerstone of the community.

ORL CEO Danielle Hubbard shared the upcoming Membership Card Drive slated for October 2023. The goal of the Card Drive is to engage the community and encourage new memberships, ensuring that the library remains an integral part of the region. The campaign will emphasize the many benefits of library membership, including access to a vast collection of materials, diverse programs, and educational resources.

"We are thrilled with the board's approval of our financial statements and annual report, which reflect our staff's hard work and dedication. We are excited about the Lumby branch's future and its impact on our community. The upcoming Card Drive will help us continue to grow and provide invaluable resources and services to our patrons," said Hubbard.

Further details about the Lumby branch's new location, including its opening date and the variety of new services and resources it will offer, will be released in the coming months. The ORL is also working in partnership with the City of West Kelowna to relocate that branch to a brand new building co-owned with the city. This project is anticipated to reach completion towards the end of 2023. 

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