Summer Reading Club

Summer Reading Club is for kids ages 5 to 12.

Thousands of kids from Golden to Osoyoos join the club every summer.In June, visit your library branch or their webpage for registration dates and information about events, contests and more!

All Summer Reading Club events are free!

To find out what Summer Reading Club events are happening near you, please check our online Events Calendar or check at your nearest library branch.


How It Works in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Register at your library branch and pick up a reading log.
  2. Keep track of what you read during the summer and earn stickers.
  3. Bring your finished reading log to your library branch and get a medal for your reading achievement!


The 2016 Summer Reading Club theme is "Book A Trip!"

Get ready to go on a fantastic reading voyage this summer at the library!

You can find out more about this year’s Summer Reading Club theme, or find colouring pages, reading lists and more, by checking out the BC Summer Reading Club website at

All of the art and illustrations for the 2016 BC Summer Reading Club, is by author and illustrator Lee Edward Födi. His picture book illustrations include: The Chronicles of Kendra Kandlestar series and I’ll Follow the Moon.

Find these books about travel and exploration at the library: