The OneClickDigital collection features thousands of eAudiobooks and a selection of Classic eBook titles. 

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Notice of update and planned downtime

OneClickdigital will be getting an update on June 27: The name will change to Rbdigital, the website for the collection will have a new look, and there will be a new mobile app! Your OneClickdigital username and password will remain the same, and you will be able to enjoy the same great digital books as you did before.

As a part of the update, there will be downtime beginning 5:00 PM June 26, lasting until the morning of June 27 (approximately 14 hours). 


Explore the links below to learn how to get started with enjoying your digital book.

To borrow digital books from this collection, you will need to register for a OneClickdigital account through ORL's OneClickdigital collection website. You only need to do this once! 

You will need your account to check-out books from the ORL’s OneClickdigital collection. You will also need your account to sign in to the OneClickdigital Media Manager software, or the OneClickdigital App, which are used to enjoy the books.

You can also use this account to sign in and use the Zinio for Libraries eMagazines and InstantFlix eMovies collections!

Do you already have an account for using the Zinio for Libraries and InstantFlix collections? You can now sign in to use OneClickdigital with that account!


Enjoying Digital Books on Tablets or Smartphones

Download eAudiobooks and eBooks to your tablet or smartphone using the OneClickdigital App.

For iPad, iPod Touch & iPhone, Android devices and Kindle Fire (HD/HDX).


Listening to eAudiobooks on MP3 players or iPods

Learn how to download eAudiobooks to your computer and transfer them to an MP3 player.

For Sony Walkman, iPods etc. 


Reading eBooks on eReaders

Learn how to download eBooks computer and transfer then to enjoy on an eReader. For Kobo eReaders (Glo, Mini, Aura), Nook eReaders (Simple Touch, Glowlight).


OneClickdigital borrowing policies

  • You can borrow up to 10 titles from at a time
  • You can borrow the titles for up to 21 days
  • Titles can be renewed twice (if there are no requests on the title)
  • You may have up to 5 titles on hold at a time 

OneClickdigital is a collection of digital books that is separate from the ORL eBooks collection, so it has its own apps, software and procedures to use when checking-out and downloading digital books. 




Need Further Help?

The OneClickdigital website has a comprehensive Help section, where you can find video tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions about using the collection, and a support request form to get help from OneClickdigital support.


Or, get in touch with the ORL...

Visit your nearest library branch.

Call the toll-free eBook Help Line: 1-855-853-2665.   

Email, in your email, please include:

  • any error message you’ve received
  • your ORL library card number
  • the title(s) of the book(s) you are attempting to download
  • the type of media player or eReading device you are using
  • your computer’s operating system
  • indicate you are using the OneClickdigital collection