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Creating Playlists

by Library Staff | Jul 13, 2020

Hey teens, share your taste by suggesting music and books on the library website.

Make a list of CDs and/or a list of books that you think go well together. To create a new list:

  1. Log in to your account. (See Logging in help page)
  2. On the account menu, click Lists.
  3. Click the Create a New List button.
  4. Click Guidelines and Recommendations.
  5. Expand the List Type menu and select the type of list you want to create. This will help inform others about the list’s content.
  6. Give the list a title. Others can search for your list by the words you use, so make the title informative.
  7. Add a description, if you wish, to elaborate on the title. A description is optional, but will help others find your list.
  8. Click Add to List to add catalog titles or website URLs to your list. For details, see Adding Titles to Lists help page.
  9. When you’ve added all of your titles, click Finished Editing.
  10. Click Publish.

Share the list with your friends who have similar tastes and challenge them to recommend some music or books for you.