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Be a Lie Detector

by Library Staff | Aug 03, 2020

Hey teens, you are smart enough to spot fake news and stop the spread of misinformation. 

Download the free app Informable: Play the true or false games.

Fauxtography: It is easy to Photoshop a protest sign. Don't believe everything you see. When you see an image you aren't sure about copy the URL and got to https://tineye.com or search by image on Google (click the camera icon). Look where else that photo has appeared and it may show up in other forms. 

Think before you share.

Consider the source: Why are they posting it? What doe$ it get them?

Check the facts: Look up a "fact" you saw on social media on Snopes.com to see if it has been debunked. 

Ask for help: The library has trained staff who can help you find reliable resources. 


Keep these tips on hand: Download our Be a Lie Detector info sheet [PDF].