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Book Spine Poetry Challenge for Teens

by Library Staff | May 05, 2020

This challenge is for Teens (but it is open to anyone)


Step 1

Choose books (or movies) that you have in your home

Step 2

Combine their titles to say something

Step 3

Stack them or place them next to each other in order (The books should go from the top down or from left to right)

Step 4

Take a picture

Step 5

Share your picture, in one or more of these ways:

  • Post it in the library’s Facebook event
  • Post it on your Facebook profile tagging the library
  • Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #ORL@home
  • E-mail it to sthoreson@orl.bc.ca and tell her if you want it shared with your name, anonymously or kept private.

Challenge your friends to try it!



  • Choose short titles
  • Choose books where the title is displayed prominently on the spine (sometimes the author’s name is the focus)
  • Choose funny or dramatic words
  • Crop your photos so the books are the focus