Read Woke Challenge


Welcome! The Read Woke challenge runs from October 4, 2021 through April 1, 2022 for All Ages – Kids, Teens, & Adults.

The Challenge

The Read Woke movement was created by Cicely Lewis, award winning librarian, teacher, and writer. Read Woke is about learning about people, cultures, and social issues that may be outside of your own experience. It’s also about learning more about social injustices that you may face in your own life. Gain new knowledge, build empathy, and empower yourself.

Join the challenge to read outstanding books by diverse authors and enter for a chance to win prizes.

How to Get Started

For those under 13, parents can sign up kids for the Read Woke Challenge through Beanstack, a website and app that you can use to track your reading!

Multiple participants can log their progress under one Beanstack account (e.g. parents and their children). View our Beanstack Tutorial for details.  

Sign in here to join and log your progress.

If you are not able to participate online, drop by your local library branch to pick-up a paper version to join in the fun.

Please Note:

  • You must have a valid ORL card to participate. Don't have a card? Sign up for one online or at your local library branch!
  • This challenge can only be completed once per person.


Finding Books

Check out the Read Woke ORL booklists for lists for each badge category.


What’s a woke book?

  • Challenges a social norm
  • Seeks to challenge the status quo
  • Gives voice to the voiceless
  • Provides information about a group that has been disenfranchised
  • Has a protagonist from an underrepresented or oppressed group

Find more books using these resources

Diverse Book Finder

Antiracist Resources and Reads: Lists for All Ages 

CCBC Social Justice & Diversity Book Bank

49th Shelf


Prizes for the Read Woke Challenge showing a T-Shirt, Swag, and Books


Book Draw

Enter for a chance to win a book from the reading lists. We have books for all ages.

Read Woke Swag

Enter for a chance to win a tote bag with some swag inside like stickers, notebooks, and buttons.

Read Woke T-Shirt

Enter for a chance to win a T-Shirt.


Events for Kids & Families


Black Voices

Register Online | Tuesday, February 22 | 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM PT

Celebrating stories with Black authors and/or illustrators, and featuring Black characters. 


Read Woke is a movement.  It is a feeling.  It is a style.  It is a form of education. It is a call to action;  it is our right as lifelong learners.  It means arming yourself with knowledge in order to better protect your rights.  Knowledge is power and no one can take it away. It means learning about others so that you can treat people with the respect and dignity that they deserve no matter their religion, race, creed, or color.

– Cicely Lewis, founder of Read Woke