Reading eBooks on eReaders

As of December 17, digital books from our RBdigital collection have moved to our ORL eBooks|OverDrive collection.

Checkouts: If you currently have a book checked out from the RBdigital collection, it will be available through the remainder of the lending period, so you can finish your book without disruption or risk of losing your place in the book.

Holds and Wishlist: Holds and items on your wishlist cannot be moved to the ORL eBooks collection. You can get a record of this info from your account on the RBdigital Books website. Go to, log in with your RBdigital account, and select Export My Transactions History to download a CSV file that you can open in your spreadsheet program. Once the title is available in the ORL eBooks collection, you can request the book again.

Need more information? Check out this article from OverDrive, our digital book provider:


Create an RBdigital account

Step 1: Visit the website for the ORL's RBdigital collection.

Step 2: Click on the Register link in the upper right corner.
Enter the requested information and create a username and password. You will need to use these login credentials when signing in to check out books from the ORL’s RBdigital collection.

You can also use this account for the RBdigital Magazines and IndieFlix eMovies collections!

Do you already have an RBdigital Account for using the RBdigital Magazines and IndieFlix collections? You can sign in with that account and skip this account creation step.  


Will you will be transferring the eBooks to a compatible eReader?

Download Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). The free program is available from It is used for reading eBooks, managing your borrowed titles, and transferring your eBook to your eReader. 

You will need to authorize Adobe Digital Editions and your eReader with an Adobe ID, which is used to manage the digital rights for the eBook and will let you transfer it to your eReader. If you don’t already have an Adobe ID, you will be prompted to create one after your download the program.


Notes on compatible eReading devices

Compatible eReaders: You can find a list of compatible readers at the following link:

Amazon Kindle eReaders: eBooks from this collection are not compatible with Kindle eReaders.


Finding eBooks in the RBdigital collection

From the RBdigital website,

Browse the collection

Scroll through the Featured eBook titles.

Click on the three-line menu icon ≡ in the top left corner of the screen to slide out the menu, then click on EBOOKS

A list of the Most Popular eBooks will be displayed.

Click on the +View by Genre button in the top right corner of the screen and select a genre to browse through. 


Search the collection

Click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the screen, and search for books by keyword. Select the Advanced Search option for a more detailed search.


Check out your eBook

Click on the cover image of your desired book to see the book's info page.

Set the checkout period (you can choose up to 21 days).

Click on Checkout.


Downloading and transferring your eBook

Downloading your eBook to Adobe Digital Editions on your computer

If you are on a PC, click on Open in the popup window at the bottom of the screen that appears after clicking on the Checkout button. Your title will open in Adobe Digital Editions.

Your checked out titles can also be downloaded at a later time. When signed in on the RBdigital website, click on the three-line menu icon ≡ in the top left corner of the screen to slide out the menu, then click on Checked Out. Your books should appear under the EBOOKS  label. Click on the Download button underneath cover image of the book to download and open your book in Adobe Digital Editions.   


Transferring your eBook to a compatible eReader

Connect your eReader to your computer and open Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). 

Your eReader appears under Devices in ADE. 

Make sure that you are in Library View, you may need to click the Library button in ADE to view this screen.

Right-click on the cover image of the book, select Copy to Computer/Device and select the eReader.

Safely eject your eReader before unplugging it from the computer.

Enjoy reading your eBook!


Renewals and Returns

Renew your eBook through the RBdigital website

Sign in to the RBdigital website

Click on the three-line menu icon ≡ in the top left corner of the app screen to slide out the menu.

Click Checked Out

The Renew option can be found underneath the cover image for the eBook. 

You can also click of the cover image of the digital book you would like to renew to view its info page, and access the Renew option from there. 


Return your eBook through Adobe Digital Editions

From Adobe Digital Editions, right click on the image of the eBook.

Select Return Borrowed Item and then click on Return to confirm.


Digital books will also automatically be returned at the end of their loan period. Digital books can be renewed twice. 


Need Further Help?

These are general instructions to get you started. The steps described may differ slightly for the computer or mobile device you are using.

The RBdigital website has a comprehensive Help section, where you can find video tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions about using the collection, and a support request form to get help from RBdigital.


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